3.1.1 Glossary

Agrifirm Dutch cooperative of farmers and horticulturists with subsidiaries in multiple countries in and outise of Europe. Strategic partner of ForFarmers.
Beak treatment The clipping of the beaks of chickens that are intended for laying, in order to prevent pecking and cannibalism.
Better Life 1 star See Better Life concept.
Better for everyone concept Label from the Belgian supermarket chain, Delhaize, for pork of Belgian origin that sets specific quality requirements on the feed for the pigs.
Better Life concept Quality label - developed by the Dierenbescherming (The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals) in the Netherlands - for products that are produced with extra care for animal welfare. The number of stars (1, 2 or 3) indicates the importance of the quality requirements.
Roots in the top layer of soil The quantity and distribution of root growth in the top layer of soil.
Blend Mixture consisting of various (unground) raw materials and additives.
Calf breeding The raising of a newborn calf. They are calves until they are one year old.
Capital by Name A process that has been running since 2006 whereby (a part of) FromFarmers’ own capital in connection with the growth strategy is allocated in the name of the members (Equity On Name)
Capri concept The ForFarmers approach to feeding goats. It places the focus on optimal use of feed and the best milk production.
Concentrates A highly concentrated supplementary feed that is diluted at farm level with existing raw materials.
Co-products Products that are derived from the manufacturing process of human food, such as brewers' grains, which are used in the manufacture of animal feed.
Cross-selling Cross-selling: sale of products that are related to a product that a customer has already purchased.
Cut corn Forage crop that is harvested with a chipper as whole plant and then stored in a silo at the cattle farm. Serves as cattle feed.
Delta score Measurement method developed by ForFarmers for pigs where blood tests are linked to the key ratios for growth, feed conversion and carcass properties, providing insight for the pig farmer regarding areas for improvement.
Depository receipts A depository receipt is proof of having rights to a share in ForFarmers.
DML DML stands for Dry, Moist and Liquid. Also see ForFramers DML and co-products.
Europe+ Europe and adjacent regions.
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Feed2Milk Feed2Milk is the ForFarmers' approach to feed for dairy cattle. It leads to a better estimate of the nutritional value of the feed and as a result, higher milk production, better feed efficiency and healthier animals.
Feed efficiency Ratio which indicates how many kilos of animal product (milk, meat, eggs) are made from one kilo of feed.

Feed equivalents The key for allocation of the capital to members. A member that possesses feed equivalents can use them by acquiring feed or other products. A member receives a credit on his participation account linked to the use of feed equivalents. This credit consists of the right to depository receipts.
Feed evaluation system Programme with an overview of all of the nutrients per raw material, the degree to which these nutrients are available for the various animals at various ages and the specific nutrient requirement of animals in various phases of life. This data is combined with the available raw materials in order to give the animal exactly those nutrients that it needs in the most (cost) efficient manner.
Feed performance The final result that is achieved from the feed, such as feed intake, growth, milk production, etc.
Feed solutions A supply of feed products that provides for the specific needs of an animal in terms of nutrition.
Feed system Equipment on a cattle farming company that transports animal feed from the silo to the feed troughs in the stall.
Ferment+ A complete concept for fermentation of feed at the pig farm. ForFarmers developed the bacterial culture for this purpose and supplies raw materials and supplemental feeds. Weda Holland supplies the equipment and Van Asten Group provides test installations and feed and coordinates them to meet the farms requirements .
Fermentation Process whereby lactic acid bacteria convert (pig) feed into a healthy, tasty mash with high levels of lactic acid, leading to more efficient feed usage, lower feed costs and healthier pigs.
Fermentation concept See Ferment+.
Fertiliser Administering of fertilisers (which may contain nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, etc.) to the soil for optimal crop growth. Both animal and chemical fertiliser.
Foot sole lesions Inflammation of the foot sole skin of broiler chickens.
ForFarmers Corporate Services B.V. Holding company of all the Dutch subsidiaries of ForFarmers B.V.
ForFarmers dealers ForFarmers works with regional dealers (merchants) in the cattle sector in the Netherlands. These are independent entrepreneurs who sell ForFarmers products and advise livestock farmers regarding various issues, including feed recommendations and business development.
ForFarmers DML DML stands for Dry, Moist and Liquid. Provider of a complete range of moist, liquid and dry co-products and straights. Subsidiary of ForFarmers.
Forza Pré-start Special feed from ForFarmers for broiler chickens that is formulated to meet the specific nutrient needs of broiler chickens during the first days of life.
Fries Friberne (Dutch) brand for pork originating from pigs that are kept in a sustainable manner and are fed special feed.
Gildehoen concept Supply chain concept for chickens, co-developed by ForFarmers in 2011, with a focus on animal welfare and a minimal (preferably no) use of antibiotics.
GMP+ GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) is an internationally recognised scheme for guaranteeing the safety of the animal feed in all of the links in the animal feed chain, including the companies supplying raw materials.
GRI Global Reporting Initiative is a guideline for sustainability reporting. The GRI's goal is to make sustainability reporting a "standard practice" for all companies and to bring sustainability reports to the same level as financial ones.
Horizon 2020 ForFarmers strategy to further reinforce the organisation, to become the leading feed business in Europe+ and a Total Feed partner for the farmer.
IFFO RS IFFO RS (International Fishmeal and Fishoil Organisation) is a global standard and certification for responsible fish meal and fish oil.
IFRS The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are an accounting standard for company annual reports. Companies in the EU listed on the stock exchange have been required since 1 January 2005 to report in this manner.

Individual raw materials Raw materials, including types of grain such as wheat and maize, which the farmer mixes with other feed products at the farm.
Integrated feed solutions A combination of feed products, corresponding advice and resources in order to establish, monitor results and realise the customer's business objectives.
LCA Lifecycle analysis. Demonstrates the environmental performance of the entire production chain.
Materiality analysis Analysis in which it is determined whether a subject is or is not significant. Often used in relation to sustainability.
Milk€fficient A programme developed by ForFarmers that combines the factors that determine the result for a dairy farm and enables the farmer to understand how he can improve his return.
NL GAAP NL GAAP (also Dutch GAAP) stands for Dutch Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and is used in order to indicate the system of reporting and accounting principles that is applicable in the Netherlands.
Nutreco International organisation, active worldwide in animal feed and fish feed. Strategic partner of ForFarmers.
Nutrient value Nutritional value, for example, levels of protein, oil, fibre, ash, starch, sugar, calcium, phosphorous, sodium.
Nutrient requirements A specific animal's need for nutrients such as amino acids, energy, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Nutrition Innovation Centre (NIC) Department within ForFarmers, responsible for nutrition, research and innovation.
Nutritional matrix Schedule of nutrients and the nutrient requirements of different animals in various phases of life that forms the basis for the feed solutions that ForFarmers provides.
Nutritional total solutions Supply that meets all of the needs in terms of livestock feed (in whatever form).
OVOCOM OVOCOM is a Belgian quality platform for the animal feed sector comparable to GMP+ in the Netherlands.
Palm oil Vegetable oil, extracted from the fruit of the palm.
Participation account The part of the FromFarmers Cooperative capital set by name per member (the capital right per member) that can be converted by a member into depository receipts.
Pavo Enterprise specialising in horse feed for both recreational and competitive horses, with branches in the Netherlands and Belgium and sales in practically all of Europe. A subsidiary of ForFarmers.
PIA Infectious disease in pigs, caused by the Lawsonia intracellularis bacteria.
Plant The name of a ForFarmers business unit that focuses on agriculturists, contractors and cattle farmers with forage production.
Phosphate efficiency Key ratio that indicates how efficiently a farmer with cattle handles phosphates.
Phosphate rights The production of phosphate by the Dutch cattle industry is restricted by phosphate rights. The Dutch government decided this in 2016 because the phosphate production by the Dutch cattle industry in 2015 was higher than that agreed with the sector.
Pig Real Welfare Programme developed by the British Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) focusing on animal welfare. An important indicator for this purpose is the behaviour of the piglets, which a veterinary surgeon assesses using five objective and repeatable measures.

PoultryPlus Breeding organisation for broiler chickens with sales in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. A subsidiary of ForFarmers.
Prelacto feed Feed for sows in the period before the birth of the piglets just before giving birth.
Premixes Mixture of vitamins, (trace) minerals and any additives that are added to the feed in order to meet the animal's needs.
QS German quality system for the animal feed sector comparable to GMP+ in the Netherlands.
Rapeseed meal Rapeseed meal is a protein-rich co-product of the extraction of oil from rapeseed.
Raw feed Grass and cut maize as food for farm animals (forage).
Rawfeed+ Farming approach whereby the soil, fertiliser, crop growth and management of planting and harvesting are properly synchronised with each other.
Reudink Animal feed supplier specialised in organic animal feeds, active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. A subsidiary of ForFarmers.
Resources Collective name for apps, checklists, programmes, analyses, etc. that ForFarmers offers its customers in order to monitor results or to adjust and improve management.
RSPO Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. Round Table for responsibly produced palm oil.
RTRS Round Table Responsible Soy. Round Table for responsibly produced soy.
Ruminants Ruminants have four stomachs. They chew the feed, after it has been in the rumen, again in the mouth. Examples are dairy cattle, beef cattle, goats, sheep.
SecureFeed Organisation that guarantees the food safety of animal feeds in the Netherlands. SecureFeed develops and manages a joint system for monitoring and risk assessment of raw materials and their suppliers. Dutch dairy farmers are obligated to purchase from SecureFeed participants.
Slurry A mixture of solid and liquid manure (urine and dung) from animal origin.
Sowing seed Seed from cultivated crops intended for the sowing of a crop. Collective name for the assortment of grass seeds, maize seeds, grains, etc.
Soy meal Product that remains after extraction of soy oil from the soy bean and that has been heated. Serves as protein-rich raw material for cattle feed.
Special feed Feed for animals in a specific phase of life or with specific problems.
Stackable co-products Non-liquid co-products, for example, potato starch.
Strategic partnership Close cooperation with other, specialised players in the market with the goal of reinforcing each other in terms of knowledge, innovation and purchasing.
Sunflower seed meal A protein-rich co-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seed.

Tierwohl Initiative An initiative, launched in 2015 in Germany and financed by the retail industry, that sets requirements on animal husbandry, hygiene and animal health.
Timothy-grass A plant from the grass family. It is a very nutritious grass.
TMR concept Total Mixed Ratio (TMR) is the name of a ration whereby all of the feed materials are mixed via the feed mixer wagon and provided to the cattle.
Toll manufacturing Manufacture (of feeds) for third parties based on specifications provided by these third parties.
Tomorrow's Chicken Agreement made in 2013 between supermarkets and poultry sector in the Netherlands with the goal of having a more sustainable range of chicken on the shelves in Dutch markets.
Total Feed ForFarmers strategy to offer livestock producers a complete package consisting of feed solutions, corresponding advice and resources in order to establish the customer's business objectives and to monitor its results. The products vary from mixed feed, young animal feed and special feed to wet co-products, individual raw materials, seeds and fertiliser. The advice regards all of the aspects of nutrition, animal husbandry and business development relevant for the customer. The resources include programmes, products and services with which livestock producers can set goals, monitor results and benchmarks and realise their objectives.
Total Feed approach See Total Feed.
Total Feed Business See Total Feed.
Transition Approach The Transition Approach consists of practical recommendations and distinctive products for the transition period; the period of eight weeks before and after the birth of, among others, calves and piglets.
UFAS Universal Feed Assurance Scheme. The AIC (Agricultural Industries Conferderation) have developed a range of Trade Assurance Schemes covering areas of the Agri-supply industry. UFAS deals with the production and delivery of compounds feeds and the supply of feeds to the farm.
VIDA Brand name for ForFarmers feeds for piglets.
Vital A new approach by Reudink for organic cattle farmers to positively influence the feed intake and health of young animals.
Weda Holland B.V. Exclusive importer of Weda feeding systems in the Netherlands and Belgium and provider of total solutions for feed systems in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Partner of ForFarmers in the Ferment+ project.
Wet co-products Liquid products that are derived from the manufacturing process of human food, such as whey, brewer's yeast, glucose syrup, which can form part of diets for livestock.